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Its Official: Chief First Assistant Disciplinary Counsel Lori Brown Is No More---"Letting The Dead Bury The Dead"

Long time First Assistant Disciplinary Counsel of the Ohio Supreme Court well known for her hot finger-pointing exercises as chief guardian of the Ohio's legal profession's legal ethics is no longer pointing at anyone.

    A brief but clear conversation and several phone calls later, and its been confirmed "Ms. Brown is no longer is with this office" says the young but firm female voice at the other end of the phone call.

    The very definitiveness of her voice convinces one, its over.  The nightmare on 250 Civic Avenue in Columbus, is over.   There is morning light after the darkest of nights.  Words fail.  The heart skips a beat.

     Its the most productive call ever made to the Disciplinary Counsel's office ever.

      Of course, this comes as great relief to the caller and to those very many who felt the fire- breathing first lady of Ohio's Professional Responsibility's office over their shoulders.

       Ms. Lori Brown had worked for the OSC Disciplinary Office for over 15 yrs.  She was hired by former chief Disciplinary Counsel Geof Sterne who would later state in a private conversation about his protégé, "Something happened to Lori along the way..." as he allowed his voice to taper off ...

     This conversation actually took place several years ago, as he discussed something very obvious and factually documented and quite disturbing about our First lady of legal ethics of Ohio's past decade or more.   "She's not the same person I hired. ...."   The victims however never stopped piling up despite these sentiments.   Power hides things when they are dirty because dirty means danger to power if exposed.

     In her halcyon days, enjoying the airtight support of former Chief Justice Moyers, Lori Brown's name often appeared on many disciplinary cases statewide and she made more lawyers and seated judges sad and dejected than any non-paying pro bono system ever did.

     But Brown was never without controversy by several high profile lawyers and judges she attacked and alleged found wanting.   She was said to have gone "Admiral Kurtz" by one account, referencing the Marlon Brando figure in the old Vietnam movie Apocalypse Now! with Martin Sheen playing the designated US army "silencer" who would have to end the life of this "brilliant but unnatural" military commander who had Deified himself in the jungles of Cambodia and found "doing violence to be perfection; the one thing without regret, the one pure thing, inside the material world"

   And so, it was with Brown.

    Like Kurtz, Ms. Brown seems to have just relished enough putting the blade in the back and then giving the final coup de grace' to one too many lawyers and judges in a manner that made others, even adult grown unethical lawyers, squirm. 

     She never showed much emotion, like any good executioner;  she rarely smiled but she was obvious, about her tasks;  like a solid German SS storm trooper she knew why she being called upon to a certain locale and when she appeared, it was obvious, the Emperor, not her, wasn't pleased with that particular subject and mercy wasn't in the works.   She was sent there to terminate the wayward subject but only after a careful tortious attempt at any measured confession of crimes against the State.   Total removal from the ranks of the living was her assignment.   Nothing left over either and she had to clean up the details.

     Lori was particularly unvarnished as a trial lawyer.  Not ever very facile mentally, she rather relied upon the basic instincts of a would be minor political figure whose cunning work of knowing a single area of the law well enough and having re-course, to the rarified insulated world of her high powerful political backing of those various hearing officers which had in fact hired her;  she maintained quite a unique and close if not distant interpretation of what was to be afforded to those who she was sent to decompose;  Her actions did not have to meet extremely high standards but rather just be sufficient enough to get the job done.

     Yet, she well chose the one profession which is supposed to uphold to the world, the ideal of Due Process for a fashion most nearly always, doing the very opposite, intentionally.

     In a very odd manner she sat or stood.  Ms. Brown wasn't ill prepared however. Like any good SS officer, she had made a very careful, deliberate if not overly thorough study of every appointed kill target, she had been duly assigned to terminate from the system.  In this manner, she could execute her given 'assignment' and "command task" in a more efficient manner.

      It was never something one felt was very personal with her. Not because she was proficient at getting at the heart and then eating it rather readily and fully, which she did rather well.   But rather, it was because she truly had no personality to begin with.    

     One could see a bit of the kind of "kidneys and beans" kind of Hannibal Lecter aside in her, following the "Silence of the Lambs" thematic imagery. 

     Brown never became emotionally involved with her kill targets until they were dead; then she only consumed them.  Afterward, she positioned their corpses on the interior walls of her mind, as if they were fantasy cartoons and the pages of the monthly OSC official reporter.

     Ms. Brown was never apologetic because she never had to be;  and she always, always, played to win and in truth; she never lost a case and for good reason:  Again, it wasn't for the truths of the matters asserted.  She had the ace in the "whole".  The "whole" being those very politically one sided and highly motivated equally zealous supreme court justices hearing all her bizarre arguments, her frail prosecutions, her most clever death sentence requests were the very one's who had hired her in the first place.   They also were the very ones who had in fact, given her the very assignments to accomplish to begin with. 

     {Yes, its an extremely closed partial system for lawyers under any given set of formal allegations by the State Disciplinary Counsel's office.   The State OSC lawyers due process system makes the Ferguson Grand Jury process look downright Mr. Brightside, democratic and openly giddy in comparison.)

    In fact, often, Brown was the Supreme Court's own serious but darkened imagination at work; she became the highest expression of the Ohio Supreme Court's overzealous dance with darkly created and deeply imputed injustice.

     {All was and remains un-appealable.  Its after all, the Supreme Court.  Nothing is higher in such circumstances.   A lawyer is told "you must do as your told and fall upon your sword...anything short of this, means instant death"   This is no joke.  Tens of Thousands of dollars is spent by the accused to be told only this. You are told its a serious mistake to even try to defend yourself.  If you do, its considered 'improper and unduly argumentative and uncooperative"

       In the most sincere sense of the word,  its not a jury trial that a lawyer receives when he is accused of wrongdoing by a citizen or client or other peer.  no right to a jury trial here before one's years of education and livelihood and learning by book and by trial and error literally is over and done with.

      And, it isn't like the criminally accused' Fourth or Fifth Amendment is operational or applicable to such a process. 

    Lawyers have Nothing between them and their accusers except a thin gruel of some kind of weakened measure of what is left after they thoroughly have spooned out what they believe is all the process due to the lawyer who stands guilty as said to be, by this First Assistant, that they hired, as she stood oftentimes before them.

    Again, such determinations of Ms. Brown's arguments once accepted by them, are wholly removed from any appellate review;  Lori Brown's extant statements about any hapless lawyer or judge whom she was assigned to terminate, became the things of the full Court press itself.   Her statements created en masse regardless of any truth itself, this process itself operated in real terms, became a law in and of themselves.  Her pronouncements were as if they were the pronouncements of the very judges themselves most often.   She seldom then lost, if ever.  How could she?
   Her pronouncements, much like a Nazi SS allegation were final.  Untouched, un remarkable but nonetheless, un-appealable except to those ...who had sent her to you in the first place. 

     But the appearance of impropriety here was important too. Very much so.   So, simply put, there was none.   It was that simple  

    There can't be because, the system, the very highest of Courts in Ohio sayeth naught.  Judicial Fiat would not allow any challenges to this parsing of due process for what had taken the better part of one's first half of one's life to obtain and achieve and work towards refining and creating and making occur;  in an blinding instant, all of this could be subjected to the most unsubstantiated false light allegations any could ever drum up against you and as long as Lori Brown felt it in her hole in her soul, it would sting you badly as if you were cursed of God.

   All this was the experience of many who were targeted by her and her handlers at the highest Court of this beautiful river.

     Except, it seems, something remiss happened at the end of her untouchable shelf-life span. 
     It remains, like her Strong man Chief Justice's death itself, her demise and removal seems just as clinical and mysterious as his own leaving town.

     One has to admire these almost drone-like super beings devotion to pure functionality.  Personality doesn't play much to their strengths.  They don't fret very much.  And it appears, when its their time to exit the darkened stage they have mastered for so long and held complete autocratic rule over, for what seems to most lawyers and judges in the last modern era of Ohio's law profession, it seems they take it sort of like any good soldier of fortune does; the cigarette is lit, the blindfold is placed rather stiffly around the eyes... and they don't squirm

....not for their many victims....and finally, not even for themselves...

     They just disappear.  Mammon has its own appetite.

     And somewhere, there's a shallow professional grave dug for them; just like they had dug endless times for so many others.
     I wonder what it is like for someone like Ms. Brown knowing she ended the livelihoods of so many lawyers and others in the legal profession?   She must have set out to be that kind of lawyer in law school who would end up suing and /or prosecuting their own parents, if the authorities told them to; we all had those types in law school.  (Most of them are like a Tim McGinty kind of personality, who so seemlessly went from being such obvious pro-police biased judge yesterday, to a heavy- hitting metro regions politically addicted prosecutor of today... 

      But this one was unique.  She had a certain lightness of being to her and perhaps, this is why Geoff S was willing to share with me once upon a time, what he did about her hiring and her "changing of late..." spoke about five years ago now, during a particularly revealing moment about her own "unnatural methods" she seemed to have grown, like some 'training day' drug cop who has learned how to "get the target", by any means necessary, even if it meant, becoming far more corrupt and more darkened than anything she was trying to ferret out ...of the hapless wounded lawyer she was focusing upon and with the power backing of the Stalinist like regime that at times comes over this kind of process for lawyers across this nation, at least against solo and small firm lawyers, as compared to large firm and noted political favorites, its became something rather truly, yes...for lack of better comparison, a sport;

     A dark one indeed, but nonetheless, not unlike the SS era games of torture and confession and then, final denoume...of the now mortally wounded subject;  she would not even think twice of  resorting to a seriously dark 'act' if it meant...the subject just may have gotten the better of her and her attempts to humiliate the subject of her intense assignment.  Lies, deceit, false written allegations, manufactured witnesses of no particular weight, endless rabbit hole statements leading to an Alice in Wonderland kind of darkened endings...with no probative exit. 

     She often had found herself in the end of a long prosecution,  deeply entangled in her own self made web of official chicanery and deceits so heavy, that she began to project onto others, what she knew had occurred on the record of the very highest court in the land of the beautiful river... 

    Her own false allegations settings and material perjured allegations all made before the state's highest court, displayed something of a darkness in her; a severe mental instability which was very obvious to any who actually had practiced serious law for any length of time and had witnessed her machinations.

      But this sickeness unto death was a well kept official secret.    It had to be.  It was maintained at all cost.   and the cost of many a good and fine lawyers and judges reputation.    and her medication wasn't the truth; it was official denials and more and more finger pointing against the garbled wall of that which wasn't sticking very well in her first attempts... to down an important rising star of her handlers perceived opposing party label or their high end sponor's special interests.

    Lori Brown had become in her most active years, that which we all hated the most about the profession; one of those lawyers who would not stop at anything to win; she felt and often believed and was in fact, quite assured, and understandably, she was above the law, that the very ethics that she so diligently screwed down and placed around the neck, of others, like a thick noose, she never ever had to ever worry about; nor even factor into her 'assignments' to terminate them.

     In fact, she believe this because she was above all else, the law included.  It was her highness of being ....which gave rise to the notion the most fundamental aspects of law, including making truthful reliable and fact based allegations against others is necessarily part of her job description.  Yet, this assumption seemed to escape her fancy from time to time.

      Her 'assignments' of ethical misconduct she brought against others read like a book oftentimes. She made out brilliantly long winded complaints against the largest targets of Ohio's legal profession.  The bigger the figure in Ohio's present jurisprudence, the longer the list of "violations" she would find and meet out in great volumes of words and melting hot paragraphs upon paragaphs of imagined horrible tales of a lawyer gone wild or judicial wrongs poured out of her imaginative complaints as if she were St. Lori of Miami militating against the forces of lawyer and judicial demonic powers spread neferously across Ohio.   

    Against these, she waged a one woman's tour deforce level of accusation would suffice in Lori Brown's mind.  None could be so descriptively created and placed into a "verified complaint" by her.  Sadly, when she wrote it, it was as if St. John appeared to the Court with a Second, Third or Fourth, etc.etc. Revelation.  Gospels could be questioned about their authenticity.  But not Lori B's "verified complaints"  Hell no.

     Fraud, dishonesty and more fraud and dishonest was her favorite allegations.   She reveled in the notion that a lawyer had created false accounts, deposited imaginary checks into the same and defrauded his/her clients by making fraudulent deposit slips.   

      There was only one problem;  All the imagined fraud was just that; imagined and most fanciful created by her most furitive and active mind.  

    Like some unhinged doctor who had failed to get to the Frankensteinan holy grail of her era, Lori Brown, the greatest First Assistant ever, could not simply be found out to be creating false allegations and writing down unsubstantiated sets of entire profuse pages of false ethical complaints against hapless but experienced lawyers who were well beyond her ability and pay range but without any real due process to challenge her over.
    Lori Brown's darker impulses would not allow for her to be viewed as the lost and lonely and losing soul she was.   She simply could not be shown to be a fraud herself.  

    After all, her ethics were beyond reach; beyond question;  Beyond the pale of all doubt.  She was THE ethics prosecutor of all of Ohio.

    She was, indeed, the First lady of Ohio's Professional Responsibility.  

    Nothing nor nobody, could possibly challenge her.   and Nothing could be further from the truth; She could not fail ethically; it was literally impossible given her DNA as she wasn't conceived of mere human birth or moral will.  She was Lori the Immaculate.

     And it was also because of the "too big to fail" Ohio Supreme Court Disciplinary Counsel and Court itself.   It was  simply unimaginable that the Court itself would so be fully and deeply emeshed within such a huge ethical sewer and morass as having its main prosecutor creating entire pages of wholly false light allegations herself out of thin air or her own darkened imagination.

    Impossible!   Sinless Lori B.   All Hail, LBrown, the princess of Toledo.  Divine Right, Lori

    And more over, everyone in Ohio's legal profession, who was anyone, knew, if LoriB said it, if she wrote it, if she fingered you, it was true; it was over; you were done; having been tagged and bagged, like a quail on a fox hunt among those powerbrokers of the highest order at their huge law firm estates stretched around Ohio.

     Yet, too, Lori wasn't very bright.  That wasn't a job requirement she had to worry over. 

     She was just good enough to be a mechanic;   Just had to have the heart or lack thereof, to do what others in higher places, wanted or thought necessary to be done.  

    We all knew those kinds of people in law school.  We all met them somewhere along the way in our many hours and honed studied practices.   We all met lawyers and read about such who practiced law as if it never really was much of a concern to them about what the end of their methods were, as long as they found their target and won, by any means necessary.

     Usually we find them at major insurance defense law firms or inside very creepy prosecutors offices and/or in some late night conversation at a mobbed up attorneys office in Youngstown or somewhere as similar as dirty and corrupt.

     But, here, we had one of these unique species of lawyers arise from within the very ranks of the Ohio Disciplinary Counsels office precisely at a time and moment in Ohio's super charged political march madness to totalitarianism, in again an almost Nazi like fashion, by the All White Boys and Girls Club of Ohio's urber wealthy party;

     Those lovable but deadly republicans who were not satisfied to merely occupy  80 or 90 % of the then State Supreme Court but by sheer will rather; by sheer force of huge donor spending, Brown would hold sway and preside over the Disciplinary Counsels office like some dark princess, at a time when the will to power by Republicans was unlike any other on the Ohio Supreme Court, in modern times

    In terms of its sheer political absolutism of the CJ clan, that went un- satiated until his party took every single seat on that bench in his brief lifespan on the Court, Lori the First reigned supreme regardless of the truth of the allegations she profusely labored over....

    But all tyrants must realize life here, even for them is sadly temporary.  As much damage as they can do, they try their level best to do and they do do a lot of it. 

     Yet, untimely sudden death comes to even the most ardent administrative genius; Hitler and probably Osama, knew his end was in sight.  Nixon got out while he could still own a house.

       But, some don't see the actual merchant of death coming for them as such.

    Sometimes, we sit on a bench and take a glass of water and our stomach begins to hurt
Next thing we know, we're dying in a hospital bed and our funeral is the very next weekend.  Its horrific for those who knew us and were preparing such high honors at our retirement table for us.
     For others of us, we blindly if not routinely carry on from those whom we know, we can harm and we do so freely until we before its too late, in this game of political zero sum gaming; we got too used to the winning;  We found ourselves sort of comfortable in our terror.  The body counts don't matter as much anymore.  We get sloppy.

     Then suddenly, we chose a terminal target but then go too far;  we too late, realize we have met out match;  as the old saying goes, someone out there always has just a little more power , a little more money and connections than we do; especially when our personal Joseph Stalins are and then....

     Its kind of sad, really.   All of its sad.   Such era's come to an end.  All things humans go the way of disappearing.   Yet, millions lost their lives needlessly in Europe about 70 years ago and millions more twenty years prior to this because some few thought they were superior to others.

     Those few, may have only been in reality two or three or four people and yet hundreds of millions died and/or were wounded and/or deeply affected forever.

     Human frailty and human egos and human condition causes wars and the immense loss of life that they bring
     Sometimes, however, wars are fought on invisible battle fields, not with cannons or bullets but with the sharpness of a blade that is invisible but cutting to the soul itself.

    These wars create their wounded and dead also.   They eviscerate many and leave them bleeding, on a battlefield many never realize, never see or pass by and never mourn or are viewed to hallow. 

     Yet, life itself is trampled upon by those who had no real contribution to make to progress life ahead for others to begin with.  Its a sad redounding of sorrow being heaped upon sorrow.  But for those doing the darkness, its done like serial killer, with less and less interest in the deadly end game.  The bodies are strewn across an entire region, littered like so many trash deposits, throughout an entire geography of mass chaotic darkness on the edge of society.

    Serial killers don't smile very often and are personally listless.  They are without emotion except in the act of killing where its basically and usually something sickening even, sexually arousing to them.

   And so it is with those inside the legal profession.  The conquests have continued. They occurred in madness and countless alleys and towns and cities.  Many corpses would be left behind ...families were torn asunder and countless faceless victims were scattered everywhere and left to their own dark isolated musings and heartaches.   Many innocents were left scattered and imprisoned and deeply scared by the lost of their now leaderless cases and causes.  Prison waited some.  Substandard representation others.   All were cut off and left adrift by the very system that was promising them "safety" and "security and protection from the one who was no longer..."

      Because there was little if any, recourse, hope faded among those who were made to sit in darkness and mourn; bitterness found its mark inside of those formerly the most ardent of souls.
no one ever saw the administration of justice, much less this court experience the same.   Most gave up any ideals that they once held about America's justice system.  

      Lori Brown won by making her own serious fraud and recorded lies out to be merely a mistake by those who employed her and paid her paychecks. 

      Toledo was more than a refuge for her.  It was her life's work reputation at stake and a Cherry welcoming party helped her weather the storm.

     Others, never believed again in the American court system; they never felt they had their fair day in court because of her actions.

      But, this end then comes; all isn't well.   Until and just when, one day, recently, of late, finally, the conquest ends up taking the life, at least the dead end so called legal life, of the very one who once counted her conquests as mere victories, not real human losses with real human consequence.


     The Supreme Court of Ohio's Disciplinary Counsel's office has apparently turned a new chapter in its recent darkened history.   Is it capable of remorse for the things that were done in secret?

     Its hard to say.   Its doubtful the Supreme Court being the institution of last resort that it is and must always appear as, will ever admit to any such darkness ever having been birthed by their very own breasts.   Its doubtful given the lack of such any allowed due serious sincere remorse, that this court will then take any responsibility for the crimes that were perpetrated by its own machinery imposed upon the law profession of Ohio over the past so many years, if not two decades.

   It will be very difficult to ever dig up the remains of these buried dead.   Mass graves are sometimes hard to find even in the best of times and with the noon day sun.

    Does that mean they don't exist?    Hardly.   But even if such a mass burial site is ever found, it is more likely it will be viewed as something of a historical anomaly and made into some kind of memorial and not truly viewed with sincere remorse and acceptance of responsibility.

      Indeed, like a true recidivist, sincere apologies are hard to admit;  Ironically, just what the very notion of even a minor court would expect from any recreant misdemeanor,  one would have hope that the institutions themselves would admit to some kind of active wrongfulness of their own in public.   But this is not going to be at least in our lives and the victims will have to look elsewhere for redress and any real serious accounting.

    The high court's sincere apology maybe lacking over the truth of the disappearance of the first lady of Ohio's legal ethics; probably, her sins will never be confessed in public.  Her deeds will not see the public light of any courtroom sanction.

       Her prior employers will make sure these actions are well hidden.   Nothing of the sort can be said to have existed within their very ranks.  How could it be?  How could the very body of self regulating ethical oracles of Ohio's legal profession be themselves found to be seriously compromised and steeped for years in an almost MacBethean/Shakespearan darkness of ethical clouds so thick, it would challenge the very foundations upon which the Court itself stands.

      Remorse? Self admission?  Public disclosure of any wrongdoing by one and only Lady and Princess of Ethics of Ohio's Disciplinary Counsel?  Hardly not.  Lips are sealed.  Entire Press corps are held to secrecy.  No Watergate era youthful reporters allowed in here.

      We're not even treated to why and where my good lady of ethics of Ohio has removed herself for and towards.   Where is this former first lady of all that is Good and True in Ohio's legal profession?
     Nowhere inside of 250 Civic Drive. Columbus,  that is for certain.

      and with this mystery, any sincere apology and restitution due to her many dead and wounded, is also at least, for now, on hold, if not a thing of fantasy.  Likely not, its simply not in the works.

     At least not with the appropriate professional responsibility and due measure of required standards that this Court has so duly stated is necessary endless times before the bar of justice, that it seems to meet out so very often, that the moral universe would expect of something called the paragon of all ethical conduct  so strongly applied down among all others by the One Who Has Disappeared....

    But Gone she is.  Dead to all who enter there now.   There is nothing further but to leave the Dead to bury the Dead. 

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BUSTED! CPS Corruption Attorneys, Professors, and Judges Speak Out!

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Ohio Supreme Court: 2 incumbent justices sent packing by voters

Ohio Supreme Court: 2 incumbent justices sent packing by voters

supreme court race in ohio allows bill oneil to take his "justice for sale" theme to the ohio voters and...he wins...against hard core money backed republican incumbent

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Main Justice � Ohio Police Force Pledges Reform � Print

Main Justice � Ohio Police Force Pledges Reform

This is the real reason why the Ohio Supreme Court wanted
to curb and place major obstacles in front of the law career
of a ecentric solo civil rights lawyer from southeastern Ohio